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Stáhni si Javu!

Installation instructions for Drtic for Enigma2 on DM800/8000/7025

People To People

Developed on DM800 bought & sent by people from NOVISF.COM forum.

  1. Select type of image:
    • Image is FT 2.0 based (for example Nabilo, Gemini)
    • Image is FT 2.3 based (PLi)
    • Image is OE 1,6 based (newer images)
  2. Select language and click download
  3. Copy file /tmp on your Dreambox. Use FTP client of your choice.
  4. Go to your green/blue/yellow panel, locate option for manual addon (IPK) installation, install Drtic.
  5. Restart GUI
  6. Upload subtitles* to /var/tuxbox/Drtic/tit
  7. Enjoy Drtic :-)
  8. Check the tutorial and documentation for more information.

*Subtitles have to be in the DTC format. You can download or upload subtitles from/to: